George Gordon, Lord Byron

  (1788 - 1824)

Mature heterosexual relationships

From a letter to Hobhouse, Newstead Abbey, January 16th 1808 (19):

I have ... been alone since the 8th of December, nothing of moment has occurred since our anniversary row, except that Lucinda is pregnant, and Robert has recovered from the Cowpox, with which it pleased me to afflict him. - I shall be in London on the 19th. There are to be oxen roasted and Sheep boiled on the 22nd with ale and uproar for the Mobility, a feast is providing for the tenantry, for my part, I shall know as little of the matter as a Corpse of the Funeral solemnized in its honour.

From a letter to Hobhouse, Dorant's Hotel, London, 2nd February, 1808 (20):

I am buried in an abyss of Sensuality. I have renounced hazard however, but I am given to Harlots, and live in a state of Concubinage, I am at this moment under a course of restoration by Pearson's prescription, for a debility occasioned by too frequent connnection - Pearson sayeth, I have done sufficient with this last ten days, to undermine my Constitution, I hope however all will soon be well.

From a letter to Hobhouse, Dorant's Hotel, London, 27th February 1808 (20):

Altamont [otherwise Lord Sligo] is a good deal with me, last night at the Opera Masquerade, we supped with seven whores, a Bawd and a Ballet-Master, in Madame Catalani's apartment behind the scenes, (of course Catalani was not there) I have some thoughts of purchasing D'Egville's pupils, they would fill a glorious Harem.

From a letter to Hobhouse, Dorant's Hotel, London, 29th February 1808 (20):

I am at present as miserable in mind and body, as Literary abuse, pecuniary embarrassment, and total enervation can make me.- I have tried every kind of pleasure, and it it 'Vanity'.

He had just been subjected to a 'slashing' critique in the Edinburgh Review.

From a letter to Hobhouse, Dorant's Hotel, London, 14th March 1808 (20):

I have given up the Castor, but I hope to live and reestablish Medmenham Abbey, or some similar temple of Venus, of which I shall be Pontifex Maximus ---- you have heard of one nymph. Rumour has been kind in this respect, for alas! I must confess that two are my property, one under my immediate custody, as the other will be also when I am recovered.

From a letter to Hobhouse, Dorant's Hotel, London, 26th March 1808 (20):

I am still living with my Dalilah, who has only two faults, unpardonable in a woman, - she can read and write.

From a letter to Hobhouse, Dorant's Hotel, London, 15th April 1808 (20))

My dear Hobhouse,

I proceed as usual turning the twenty four hours to the best account, particularly the nocturnal moiety, my Belles would probably differ, were they together, one is with me, and the other for me - or any body else, I dare say, in my absence. - Besides, I amuse myself with the chère amie of a French Painter in Pall Mall, a lively Gaul; - and occasionally an Opera Girl from the same Meridian .... I saw Mahon last night, he made one of a party of ten at a house of Fornication.


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