Dr James Lind

  (1736 - 1812)


Dr James Lind MD FRS was one of several people approved as mentors for the boys of Eton. He was born and educated in Edinburgh, and travelled extensively as a ship's surgeon. He was interested also in geology and astronomy, and accompanied Sir Joseph Banks on a scientific expedition to Iceland in 1772. His son Alexander notes of his father's study:

There were telescopes, Galvanic Batteries, Daggers, Electrical Machines, and all the divers apparatus which a philosopher is supposed to possess. (CGDF, p 257)

About 1777 he settled at Windsor and became a physician to the royal household. Despite that, he may have had subversive sentiments; Shelley claimed that they both used to indulge in demoniacal execrations against George III.  (NCSV, p 21)

He was a friend or correspondent of leading scientists of the age, including Benjamin Franklin, William Herschel, David Hume, Adam Smith and James Watt.


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