John Cam Hobhouse 

(27th June 1786 - 3rd June 1869)

1st Baron Broughton (1851)

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Lady Blessington remarks in her Conversations (p173):

I remarked that his [Byron's] early friends had not given him cause to speak feelingly on this subject, and named Mr Hobhouse as a proof: he answered,

'Yes, certainly, he has remained unchanged, and I believe is unchangeable; and, if friendship, as most people imagine, consists in telling one truth - unvarnished, unadorned truth - he is indeed a friend; yet, hang it, I must be candid, and say I have had many other, and more agreeable, proofs of Hobhouse's friendhsip than the truths he always told me; but the fact is, I wanted him to sugar them over a little with flattery, as nurses do the physic given to children; and he never would, and therefore I have never felt quite content with him, though, au fond, I respect him the more for his candour, while I respect myself very much less for my weakness in dislking it.'

Engraving of John Cam Hobhouse
John Cam Hobhouse


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