Lyrical Ballads (1800) Volume II

All the poems in Volume II are by William Wordsworth


1. Hart-Leap Well 
the story of a hart (stag) that dies nobly at the end of a chase, and is commemorated by three stone pillars (long)

  2. There was a boy ...
concerning a boy who was able to imitate the cries of owls (short)

3. The Brothers 
a man returns to the valley of his birth to find his brother (long)

  4. Ellen Irwin
Ellen dies a noble death to save her lover (short)

5. Strange Fits 
the moon falls behnd Lucy's cottage, and the poet has a strange thought (short)

  6. Song
the poet laments Lucy's demise (short)

  7. Waterfall and Eglantine 
the eglantine tries to soothe the roaring waterfall, but to no avail (medium)

  8. The Oak and the Broom
the broom survives a crisis (medium)

9. Lucy Gray 
Lucy Gray goes out in a storm (short)

  10. The Idle Shepherd Boys
a lamb falls into a chasm (medium)

11. 'Tis said that some have died of Love ... 
the consequences of loving too much (short)

12. Poor Susan
nostalgia for the countryside (20)

13. St Herbert's Isle
the story of the friendship of two saints (21)

14. Inscription for the House on the Island at Grasmere
tribute to a local architect (29)

15. To a Sexton
reflections in a grave-yard (32)

16. Andrew Jones
a dirty trick (35)

17. The Two Thieves
two interesting local characters (75)

18. Song for the Wandering Jew
everything has its home, except... (20)

19. Ruth
a woman abandoned (228)

20. Lines written with a Slate Pencil on a Stone
a building project abandoned (35)

21. Matthew
thoughts on mortality (32)

22. Two April Mornings
reflections on the past (44)

23. The Fountain
memories (72)

24. Nutting
homage to the spirit of the woods (54)

25. Three years she grew
Lucy taken by Nature (42)

26. The Pet Lamb

27. The Fly
on the coldest day of the century (40)

28. The Childless Father
funeral customs (20)

29. The Old Cumberland Beggar: a description

30. Rural Architecture
some boys build a giant of stones (24)

31. A Poet's Epitaph

32. A Character

33. A Fragment

34. Poems on the Naming of Places

I. Emma's Dell

II. Joanna's Rock

III. Eminence

IV. Point Rash Judgement

V. To Mary Hutchinson

35. Michael, A Pastoral Poem