Lyrical Ballads (1800) Volume I

Five poems in Volume I are by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. They are marked with *
The rest are by William Wordsworth.


01. Expostulation and reply
the virtues of vacancy (32)

02. The Tables Turned
turn from your books, and learn from nature (32)

03. Animal Tranquillity and Decay
sketch of old man travelling (20)

04. The Complaint of a Forsaken Indian Woman
what happens to Indians who fall ill (60)

05. The Last of the Flock
a shepherd laments the loss of his flock (100)

06. Lines Left upon a Seat in a Yew Tree
the development of the poet's mind (60)

* 07. The Foster Mother's Tale
A Narration in Dramatic Verse (62)

08. Goody Blake and Harry Gill
a true story (120)

09. The Thorn
a macabre tale of rumour and infanticide (253)

10. We are Seven
concerning children, learning to count (69)

11. Anecdote
concerning children, practice in lying (60)

12. Lines written at a small distance from my House
the first mild day of the year (40)

13. The Female Vagrant
a hard luck story (306)

* 14. The Dungeon
criminals saved by truth and beauty (30)

15. Simon Lee, the Old Huntsman
the tale of an old man and a tree-stump (52)

16. Lines written in early Spring
reflections on what man has made of man (24)

* 17. The Nightingale
thoughts on listening to the nightingale (106)

18. Lines written when sailing in a Boat at Evening

19. Lines written near Richmond upon Thames

20. The Idiot Boy
tale of an idiot boy sent on an errand (460)

 * 21. Love
the knight / minstrel gets his prize (104)

22. The Mad Mother
baby in danger (100)

* 23. The Ancient Mariner

24. Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey